Best Co-Sleeper For Newborns / Best Co Sleeper For Breastfeeding 2017.

What more can a new mother want than being close and able to see her new buddle of joy next to her as she sleeps? Well the Best Co-Sleepers for Newborns is specifically made to give this joy.

Having a co sleeper for your baby is the safest way to bond when they come home for the first months as you can always watch over them as they sleep reducing hence any suffocation which can result to Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Your baby will just be in an arm reach since most of them are attached to the parent’s bed and you can breastfeed your baby without having to move from your bed

As parents let your babies have a good sleep and feel your presence by buying them one of the best baby co sleeper in the market

Buying tips for the best Best Co-Sleepers for Newborns.

This co sleeper cribs are made in small sizes for easy portability and ability to fix them to the parents side and they are cheaper than baby crib hence they are for short term period. Most of these are designed as co sleeper bassinet

In the market there so many types of co-sleeper that you will even get confused. These are some of the basic features you should always look at when buying


The best co sleeper bassinet should have a handle where you can hold and carry it around. Others may also have casters or wheels that will enable you to roll. Consider buying a light weight co sleeper that will be easy to move


The size of the product will be determined by the space you have in the house. But luckily most of this bassinets are made in small size making them a great choice for small rooms .also consider one with a wide stable base and sturdy bottom.


Every co-sleeper, cradle, bassinet or crib should meet the certain safety rules in order to minimize the chances of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The best and most safe product should be made of non toxic and easy to clean material with mesh walls which will enhance proper flow of air hence the baby will have good sleep.

The mattress should be firm and less than an inch thick and always get that bassinet that will support the weight of your child.

Extra features:

Co-Sleepers that can rock are more helpful and also those with toys and vibrations and sounds will provide great entertainment and soothe to your baby to sleep and when they wake up

Top Rated Best Co-Sleepers For Newborns.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper, Cocoa/Fern.

Best Co-Sleepers For NewbornsYou always want to see your child when sleeping then purchase this Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue since it give you maximum visibility and air flow through its soft mesh net.

This is the best co sleeper attach to bed there is since all you need is to reach over and draw your baby close to you for feeding and soothing.

This beautiful design comes with inbuilt legs to adjust to any bed height and castle wheels to enhance easy mobility in the house. This arm’s reach co-sleeper has a convenient storage basket attachment and side pockets.

The bassinet comes with fitted sheet, mattress and nylon strap and plate and it is recommended for babies up to five months.

This is the best choice for safe co-sleeping without the danger of bed-sharing hence safety


Mattress is not of the best quality and you need to purchase another one.

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper LUXE PLUS Gray Melange.

Co Sleeper CribWith Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper LUXE PLUS your little buddle can sleep without any worry. This arm’s reach co sleeper has been featured as one of best co sleeper bassinet in the market today.

There is maximum air circulation as the Halo Bassinest is made of mess walls hence reducing the chances of suffocation.

It has a very unique design in that it can swivel to 360 degree which allows you to soothe the baby while still in bed. With its Retractable side wall that lowers and locks automatically, hence making it ideal for mothers recovering from c-section.

This an adjustable, stable baby co sleeper attaches to bed of almost any size. It features a Soothing Center Lullabies and Soothing Sounds, nightlight, vibration and nursing timer that will entertain your baby to sleep and as they wakeup.

Moreover there are two pockets on the sides for the storage of baby’s essentials. This LUXE model comes fitted with 100% cotton fitted sheet and mattress pad which is best fit for babies up to five months and 20 lbs.


The mattress is very thin and very hard and regulating the height is not that easy.

babybay Bedside Sleeper – Untreated Finish.

Baby Side SleeperYou always want what is best for your baby then here is babybay Bedside Sleeper one of the most rated original crib attached to parents bed that gives you the comfort of soothing your baby without leaving your beds

This arm’s reach co-sleeper is one of the safety and best way for your baby without her or him having to sleep in another room hence they have their space.

This baby co sleeper is easy to fix and it is made of beech-wood that offers antibacterial and antistatic protection with high quality water-based finishes that are non-toxic with zero or low VOC. this promotes a healthy sleep environment for your baby.

It can fit to any bed height within 11in of top rail

This product is highly recommended by lactation consultants in that it provides optimal chance for breastfeeding. It’s designed to hold up to six months and a weight of 32lbs


Most of the accessories are not included so you have to buy them to customize your crib

KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet, Cranberry.

Best Co Sleeper BassinetEvery parent that loves traveling should have This KidCo DreamPod since it’s the best bassinet ideal for traveling. It is easily portable hence giving your newborn baby the best and cozy sleep.

As the best arm’s reach co-sleeper it comes with water repellent and machine washable sheet fitted with tubular Steel frame with soft padded cotton fabric that provides a safe and stable sleep environment for your baby.

What makes this baby side sleeper the best in the market is that it comes with a nylon carry bag with shoulder strap for easy portability.

This is a light weight travel Bassinet that only weighs 12 pounds and recommended for 20lbs babies


This item’s packaging indicates what is inside and cannot be hidden.

BabyHome Air Bassinet –Rose.

Co SleeperLooking for the Best Co-Sleepers for Newborns, then this BabyHome Air Bassinet will serve you well. It can be used at home or for travelling and be sure to give your baby the best.

This new bassinet model comes with outstanding features such as an easily attachable changing pad attached with a zipper. A mesh window that allows you to keep visual contact with your baby and provide air circulation hence feeling the since of safety.

This baby co sleeper comes with a travel bag that you can hook over the shoulders and carry it easily and two pockets for storing baby accessories.

The in bed co sleeper has adjustable sleeping positions and legs, a Naturalmat Organic mattress and a highly washable pad, envelope sheet and breathable pad.

This product is recommended for up to 6months babies


Instructions on how to assemble the baby sleeper are only in Spanish

Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet.

Arm's Reach Co SleeperIt is so difficult for a mother to keep the baby away from her but with this Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria you can get a good night and comfortable sleep with your.

This baby co sleeper attaches to bed is the best solution for your baby as its just arm’s reach co-sleeper.

This baby sleeper has sturdy wood frame with adjustable built leg extensions, patented attachment strap and plate that provides the safest sleep for your baby.

It has a convenient storage underneath and comes fitted with a sheet, a mattress, a nylon attachment strap, a plate, removable and washable fabric liner and this is all you need to get started.

The co sleeper bassinet fits very well in a bed heights starting at 24’’ measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress.

This bassinet is recommended to for babies up to five months which makes first night nursing enjoyable.


The mattress is not of the best quality.


There are so many designs of co sleeper in the market that can get you confused but get that one that is safe and supports your baby

The best time to use the Best Co-Sleepers for Newborns is during the first six to eight months after birth as this is the time when a baby is most fragile and needs constant attention when sleeping and feeding.