Best Baby Scale For Breastfeeding / Most Accurate Baby Scale.

Though there are many ways of monitoring your child’s growth, one of the best methods is to actually weigh them using a baby scale for breastfeeding.

Infant scale gives accurate measurements of the baby’s weight before and after breastfeeding so you can know if they are getting enough milk.

Unless you express all the milk and measure it with a cup, it’s important to weight the baby so you can tell when they get enough milk and when they need more to keep the correct weight and development.

Going to the clinic every day can be tasking and expensive so it’s always better to have a baby scale at home so you can weigh them as many times as you want.

Buying Tips for Baby Scale for Breastfeeding.

With so many up and coming scales in the market, you can be sure you will get the best baby scale for breastfeeding and monitor your child’s growth.

However, you can’t just walk into a store and pick the first weighing scale you see and that is why this buying guide is here.

The 5 criteria to measure the best baby scale for breastfeeding included;

Ease of Use:

The best baby scale should be something your baby will not fear to step or sit on so that you won’t struggle.

The screen should be easy to read and the calibration must also be easy to understand without too much knowledge.


In order for you to know exactly how much milk your child is taking and keep the correct records of their growth, the scale must give you the correct measurements every time.

The most accurate baby scale should give you an allowance of 0.05 ounces or so and it should not change the figure no matter how much the child moves.


The most accurate scales must come with great features that will make weighing your baby easy and fun.

Some of these features include a Zero button account so that you can weigh your child fully clothed, LCD screen and Hold feature to ensure the correct figure stays the same regardless of movements.


Unless you want to be buying a weighing scale every few months or years, you should buy one that has a good weight capacity of between 50 to 55 pounds so that you can still use it on your toddler.

The most accurate scale for weight should also be able to be converted to a toddler scale or pet scale by removing the infant tray and if possible be able to weigh anything in the house.


Good baby scales should be very small to occupy little space in your house and also lightweight so you can be able to move it from one place to another.

If you are a person who would like to travel with the scale, it’s important to buy the traditional hanging scale that is more portable because it’s not bulky.

Best Baby Scale Reviews

Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby Toddler Scale.

 Baby Scale For BreastfeedingYou don’t need to undress your child and subject them to cold because the Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR infant scale has a zero function that enables you to subtract the weight of clothing and diapers so you can have accurate measurements.

This newborn scale also has a low profile design and Hold function that ensures your baby feels safe and the figure on the display remains the same even when the baby is moving around.


Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR scale has a weight capacity of 45 pounds with 0.5 ounce increment and it can be converted to toddler scale by removing the infant tray.

This baby scale for breastfeeding is designed to take very little space in your home or even on the table because it’s very small and you can easily move it from room to room or even travel with it easily since its plastic.


This scale doesn’t come with batteries so you have to buy

The infant tray is very small so if your child is a bit tall they won’t fit in it.

Ultrababy Scale.

Baby ScaleUltrababy Scale features a Hold function to ensure the weight figure stays locked no matter how much the baby moves around and a digital auto calibration that enables you to read weight in pounds, ounces, Kilograms or grams.

It also comes with an Auto shutoff features when you take down the baby and Zero function so you can get accurate weight without exposing your child to cold.


  • This baby weight scale has a huge weight capacity of 55 pounds and a cradled weighing tray so you can weigh an infant, toddler, pets and anything that can fit in there.
  • It runs on batteries but has an option of using AC adapter and it can be converted to a shipping scale after the babies are all grown.


  • Most customers complained that this home baby scale measures to 0.5 ounces and not 0.05 ounces as stated in the description.
  • Others would also prefer any other color other than white especially for pets.

Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale.

Digital Baby ScaleTanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale has a maximum capacity of 40lbs. with 1 ounce graduation and a weight lock in even when the baby moves around.

It features an easy to read LED display, large and deep tray to hold any baby, toddler or pet and its design is very low to ensure stability.

The baby weighing scale automatically powers down when you pick up the baby and it has a Zero tare function for accuracy without risking your child’s health.


  • This infant weight scale occupies very little space in your house and it’s very portable since its light on your arm. It is easy to assemble and use with the one button touch operation and very accurate.
  • This is a scale you can trust even as a new parent because you will always get consistent reading and you can switch between kg and lbs. very easy to clean and maintain so it’s great for pets and pediatric use.


  • The price is very high compared to other scales reviewed here and the plastic basket cracks easily.

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale.

Most Accurate Scale For WeightOzeri Touch scale is one of the best scales for home because it can measure infants and adults and it powers on when you come into contact with it.

It features 4 icons on the screen that show your body fat, hydration, bone measurements and muscle weight.

This highly developed scale keeps track of the weight, height, gender, age and all measurements of the last 8 people who have used it and is able to recognize them when they come back.

It enables you to weigh your baby, pet or luggage accurately using the Zero tare method.


  • Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale has a weight capacity of up to 440pounds and it powers off automatically when you step down thus saving power.
  • The scale has an impact resistant tempered glass with reflective surface so you are sure you can’t break it so easily.


  • The unit button is on the bottom of the scale so when you drag or move it the units change.
  • The batteries have to be replaced at least twice a year.

HOMEIMAGE 2 in 1 baby / Infant / Toddler /Pet Scale with Detached Platform.

Best Scales For HomeHOMEIMAGE 2 in 1 baby scale features a nice and comfortable tray to place your infant and then when your child is a toddler you can remove the tray so the child can stand on the platform for weighing.

The breastfeeding scale can also be used to weigh your pets if you want to see their development and it has a large LCD display that is very easy to read and a memory button so you can see the last figure.


  • This baby and toddlers scale has a zero out features so that you can measure the child’s clothes and diaper first and then weigh your child fully dressed and subtract the former from the latter.
  • The scale is compact and lightweight so you can move it from room to room easily and it comes fully packaged with 4AA batteries for power.


  • There has been a complaint that the measurements change constantly if your child keeps moving so it’s hard to know the correct figure.

Detecto Mechanical Hanging Baby Scale Single Dial.

Baby Weight ScaleThis Detecto Mechanical Hanging Baby Scale is the old fashioned type where you put your baby into the hanging basket and their weight is reflected on the clock-like equipment.

This type of a scale is usually very accurate because you can hold the bag in place to reduce movements and your child can’t move or get out.


  • Since it’s a simple and lightweight design, you can just slide this scale in your bag and travel with it that is why its preferred by travelling doctors and missionaries.
  • The scale is also easy to maintain, easy to read and doesn’t require batteries for power.


  • While this scale is very versatile, your child or pet can refuse to enter into the bag unless you get creative.
  • The bag also has to be washed regularly if it’s used by numerous people.


The best baby scale for breastfeeding will let you know if your baby is feeding enough or whether you should reduce the amount of milk they are getting.

However, you should not get obsessed with weighing the baby every time they feed or every day because that can be discouraging and overwhelming to you as a parent.